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    After doing some research, your plugin is one of the top 3 I am thinking about using. I have a couple of simple and straightforward questions.

    Is it compatible with X-Theme by Themco and even if it is, have there been a many issues?

    Can the fonts be customizable or even better, can it use google fonts or font awsom?

    Does it have it’s own .css file?

    It wasn’t until I designed a food menu from scratch in my current project that it occurred to me, a plugin that is end-user friendly would have been the way to go.

    So now rather than going back and adding the food menu items all over, I am looking for a plugin I could simply use for their drink specials that change frequently and rotating beer on tap list. Since their main food menu never changes anyway, this is a good solution. I wouldn’t need anything robust, just something I can have for the owners to update easily.

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  • Plugin Author NateWr


    Hi Blacksheep2010,

    I’ve never used X theme so I can’t say whether or not it’s compatible. There should be no compatibility issues as long as X themes handles things according to WordPress coding standards, but that is often not the case with these large all-in-one themes.

    The plugin doesn’t include one-click features to change fonts or anything. You’ll need to use some CSS code to do that.

    It does include it’s own CSS file, but I’d urge you to not edit the CSS file, or any of the plugin’s files, as they will get overwritten whenever you update the plugin. It’s best to use a Child Theme where you can add CSS code to the style.css file, or to use a plugin like Simple Custom CSS.

    Thank you Nate for clearing up my questions.

    With any theme, I always use the framework as starting, a sketch and then go from there, and I also always use a child theme for the reasons you soke of.Changing the fonts manually through css is not a problem but if you can help clarify:

    The plugin doesn’t include one-click features to change fonts or anything. You’ll need to use some CSS code to do that.

    Does this mean you only have the one font used in your screenshots or was this a custom font your team inserted into the css for an example?

    Does it otherwise default to the themes primary font?

    Plugin Author NateWr


    By default the plugin’s CSS code does not specify any fonts, so it should inherit your theme’s font and typography styles. em rules are used to make the plugin as seamless as possible, though in most cases you’ll still want to make some minor adjustments.

    There’s also a “classic” style setting, which you can opt into, which loads the Tangerine font and uses that. You’ll see this style in the first two screenshots on the screenshots page.

    For comparison, the third screenshot shows the menu style on the Twenty-Thirteen theme. The fonts, line-height and general typography shown there are inherited from that theme.

    Great. Thanks for the detailed clarification. That was the answer I was hoping for. Nothing against the Tangerine font (smiling) but I see a lot of restaurant websites with similar typography I prefer a more modern look . I completely understand why that font makes a great example, I was just wondering if someone with hardly any experience would have have to insert their own into css if they wanted something different.

    I’m glad you have the classic as an easy goto option but by default inherits to the theme. I have seen past plugins that didn’t.

    Great plugin, when I get to that part of the project, I’ll give it a test drive.


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