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  • I’m still very new to using html and FTP and wordpress so please bare with me.

    I want to change my fonts and have found a few things on how to do it. I haven’t tried yet because I wanted to know if there were specific fonts that were best to use??

    I specifically want to use Segoe Print. But I’ve found over at blogger that unless people’s computer’s have that font then all they get is a default setting. Is that the same anywhere you go?

    Then I wanted to know if I did change it to segoe print so that anyone that did have it could view my site the way I want them to, can I change the font that the default setting goes to for those that don’t.

    If yes, how. And again, what is the best font?? Times??

    Oh I also wanted to know. If I have a heading within a post, am I able to make it different? Do I just edit the HTML like you would anywhere else to change the colour/style/size?


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  • Designers usually specify an array of fonts, and browsers use the first one that they recognize (that is, the first one that is installed in the system).

    The most widely available (and, hence, the safest to use) fonts now for Latin must be:

    Trebuchet MS


    If you are new to CSS and HTML, start from here:

    Then, look for wordpress+child+themes, to learn how to customize themes the easy and smart way. 🙂

    Wow thank you! I’ll look in to those links.

    You are welcome.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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