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  • I received a zipped WordPress site and a database *.sql file and I’m trying to get it to run on my local PC as a test. The first thing I’m trying to do is attach my sql file to a MySQL database so that it will create all the tables. I’m not familiar with MySQL.

    I installed Bitnami on a Windows 7 PC and during install gave it a Admin Account username and password. During install, it said it installed MySQL as a windows service. But, MySQL is not listed as a running service. However, when I run the Manager Tool, it says: MySQL Database – Running, Apache Web Service – Running.

    When I run PHPAdmin, I use the same login I gave it for the Admin Account when installing Bitnami. When I click Databases, it shows the “information_scheme” and “test” databases in the list. The problem is that under Create new database: it shows a red x and to the right “No Privileges”. I assume the first thing I need to do to is create a database and then import the *.sql file I was given so that it will set up the tables for the WordPress site. But how can I create a database with this error? And how could Bitnami not install MySql so that its Admin Account has privileges to create a database on the MySQL that Bitnami itself installs?

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  • I happened upon some decent detailed documentation and following it I was able to create a database and grant privileges to my Bitnami Admin Account. When I open up PHPAdmin Databases, it still says, “No Privileges” – however it does show the database I just created in the MySQL command prompt. I’m assuming the next thing I should do (assuming because I can’t find detailed documentation that tells me this) is click the Import tab and import that *.sql file I was given that holds the WordPress site database script.

    If my assumption is correct, then I have questions on what options to select on the Import form in PHPAdmin. I assume I should leave the character set at “utf-8” and the Format at “SQL”. But what should the compatibility mode be – MYSQL323 or MYSQL40? And should the “Do not use AUTO_INCREMENT for zero values” remain checked? And should the “Allow the interruption of an import in case the script detects…” remain checked? Thanks in advance for your technically-oriented, detailed advice.

    I’ve found documentation that says you should click the SQL tab and not the Import tab to import a *.sql file, so I think I’ll try that.

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