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  • I have a test installation of WordPress running so I can redesign my current website without any hitches, and I’m having trouble figuring a couple things out. The test site can be found here:

    If you’ll notice, the navigation allows visitors to see posts from Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, and This Year, with the default being the most popular posts (which isn’t implemented yet).

    I can get it to show all of the “archives” (though, for the sake of this website, they aren’t going to be that) except the weekly one, and when I do get it to show weekly, I can’t get a permalink for it.

    My second question is, if there _isn’t_ any posts on “Yesterday” (for example), it comes up with a “Not Found.” How (or where) would I put the conditional in to tell the visitor that there simply wasn’t any posts for yesterday instead of bringing up a 404 error. The same applies to any of the archive modes, but daily would be the one that concerns me the most.

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