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    In these last months I’ve been developing a online store for the company where I work for and after many hours of research I decided to install and use Woocommerce. As the time gonne by, I’ve found a few problems, maybe due to the theme I’m using, maybe due to somthing else, but one of the problems I’ve encounter was the image size of the produtcs and of the gallery images (that were beeing cutted of), so I found a plugin called Woocommerce Dinamic Gallery that solved many of the problems I had.

    Further on, I started to work on attributes and on product variation images and for my BIG surprise I found out that the Woocommerce Dinamic Gallery plugin was BLOCKING all Woocommerce product variation images functionalities and WORST, they are asking money to UNBLOCK those basic Woocommerce functionalities!!!

    I understant that some premium plugins may not give suport to all Woocommerce functionalities and if that’s the case they should just leave it alone and not mess it around to the point of blocking them, but BLOCKING THEM AND THEN ASKING MONEY TO UNBLOCK seems to me a super dishonest way of making money….I mean, if this continues one of these days there will be hundreds of specific plugins just to make money at the expense of blocking existing and good working plugins functionalities.

    I would like to know if the Woocommerce creators have knowledge of this situation, and if they do, what are they gonna do about it…?? I just can’t believe that a tool that helps so many people is beeing is being harnessed for someone to make easy money…THAT’S WRONG!!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    I would leave that question on the plugin listing itself.




    What’s the point? Already saw someone complaining there about the same question and the answer given was “You have to buy the premium version to be able to access the variation images”…

    What I really want to know is if they are doing this with the knowledge of the Woocommerce authors or not, because if this is a well accepted practice (blocking other plugins functionalities and asking money to unblock them), something is really wrong…



    WooCommerce is open source – people can do what they want with the code! The authors can’t really do anything about it. The plugin you mentioned looks like it replaces the built in gallery functions of WooCommerce with it’s own so if you use it you’re reliant on that plugin – it’s common practice for free versions of plugins to have limited options.

    The simple solution would be to delete the plugin and fix the original issue – does sound like a theme problem.

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    Hey there!

    As has been mentioned, there’s really nothing that we ( WooCommerce) can do about a plugin that is not developed by us, as the entire WordPress / WooCommerce ecosystem is open-source.

    If they are not treating customers well, hopefully the bad ratings and such will deter others from installing that plugin and looking at other options.

    As mentioned above, the main issue needs to likely be solved in the theme, so I would recommend contacting the theme developers directly.

    Hopefully that helps! Have a great one!

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