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  • Im currently working on my own theme and i have a custom post type i created called “Articles” and i have also created two taxonomies for it, “Article Categories” and “Article Tags”. The reason i have done this is to keep my articles categories and tags completely separate and independent from the default wp categories and tags.

    My question is how can i query posts based on whichever categories or tags are created on the fly through the admin panel?

    If you load this link,, you will be directed to the “Articles” page on my site. You will notice that the first article is posted in “Mars”. When i click on “Mars” i get directed to my custom taxonomy template file (taxonomy-articlecategory.php) and this page needs to fetch all of the articles that are grouped in the same category – in this case “Mars”.

    So again, how can i query all posts from the database that are grouped in the category “Mars”? is there a specific argument i need to pass in to the query_post method that will fetch the data based on this criteria?

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  • I am fairly confident if reading this correctly that all you need to do at this point is use a proper function to list what you want… the query was done…

    yes, i need to fetch all “Article” posts that are grouped in their specific categories (which can be created dynamically by the user through the admin panel). Does this require a custom SQL query to achieve? or is it simply a matter of passing in a specific argument into the query_posts method?

    I was being quite generic in my answer based on the information provided. Without working code links (Pastebin) or more information, I am confident even well know web dev’s will have little to respond to..

    nevermind i figured it out.

    nevermind i figured it out

    Sorry to have bothered you with your request for help on the forum???

    lol, apologies. thanks for the assistance.

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