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  • Hello everyone! I’m working on a site for a new client, and I’ve been taking my first steps with Custom Post Types. Right now, I have two Custom Post Types setup (Accessories and Business Products), as well as custom categories within each. Both post types have a custom category of Featured, which I’m using to display certain posts in a specific area.

    I have an area on one page that I’d like to use to display those Featured posts, but I’m not sure of how I can query Featured posts from both Custom Post Types. The code below is what I would love to see work, but doesn’t, given the two following lines.

    "accessories_cat" => "featured",
    "business-products_cat" => "featured",
      $query = new WP_Query(
          "post_type" => array("accessories","business-products"),
          "order" => "ASC",
          "orderby" => "rand",
          "accessories_cat" => "featured",
          "business-products_cat" => "featured",
      while ($query->have_posts()) : $query->the_post();

    If I use only one line, it will only show posts from that category, as to be expected. Is there anyway I can specify one or more categories from different Custom Post Types, without having to specify which specific Custom Post Type the category is from?

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