Support » Plugin: Age Verify » Query string breaks Woocommerce filter (or any URL parameter)

  • Heads up to anybody using WooCommerce’s native filtering (or anything that adds a query parameter like /?foo=bar to the URL), this plugin might break your filter. For example…

    When a user visits our homepage and verifies their age, the page reloads and the URL becomes

    On our shop page, we use a URL like to show “red” term products in the “color” attribute.

    When somebody visits that filter page as their first visit, after they verify age the URL becomes which breaks the filter because you can’t have multiple question marks. Additional query parameters should be added with an ampersand (&), like /?filter_color=red&age-verified=123456

    Plugin hasn’t been updated in over a year, but in case you still check these boards, Chase, we’d appreciate a fix! I’ll have to disable and look for something else in the meantime, but hanks for all your work on this.

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