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Query Regarding Sitemap Module of AIO SEO Plugin

  • Hi

    I’m using this awesome plugin since many years on my blog. Now I want to activate the Sitemap module of this plugin to replace “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin.

    I want to ensure following thing before making the switch:

    “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin automatically re-creates Sitemap file whenever I post a new topic or update an existing topic. It also submits the new Sitemap file to search engines.

    Does Sitemap module of AIO SEO plugin also does this job? Does it automatically re-creates new updated Sitemap file and submits to search engines or do we need to manually do this?

    Thanks in advance for replies.


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  • Plugin Author Steve Mortiboy



    We go about things a slightly different way to the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. By default we generate a dynamic sitemap whenever a robot visits the sitemap URL. This is actually a feature that Arnee has just added to his Google XML Sitemaps plugin in version 4.0 which was released on March 30th.

    Because we dynamically generate the file any time it’s requested we only notify Google and Bing if you click the Update Sitemap button because the sitemap is submitted to them the first time you create it and any time you change a setting so they know it exists and will crawl it when they want to crawl it and based on the frequency that they learn your content is updated.

    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate it.

    I noticed too that Google XML Sitemaps plugin developer implemented the same option.

    Still I didnt get desired reply. Suppose I activated Sitemap module and it created Sitemap file and submitted to search engines. Now if I post a new topic or modify existing topic, will I need to click Update sitemap button in settings to submit it to search engines or will it be done automatically?


    Plugin Author Steve Mortiboy



    No, because you already submitted it to Google and Bing so they already know where to find the sitemap. You don’t have to submit a sitemap to them every single time you make a change to your content. As long as you submit it to them when you first create the sitemap and then whenever you make a configuration change that would affect the contents of the sitemap or you make a major change to the content on your site then you’re fine.

    ^^ Thanks again. So we dont need to submit sitemap everytime.

    But is there any harm if we click “Update Sitemap” button to submit sitemap to search engines when we update content? I just want to remain on safe side.

    Plugin Author Steve Mortiboy


    There is no harm in doing that, you just don’t need to but you can if you want.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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