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    Hello Everyone,
    Need an Urgent help regarding the new website that we are creating for the first time.Me and my friend are accessing different internets. I’m on a mac in different location. My friend on a PC, in some other location.Now our problem is , we are trying to do the same work sitting in diff place. We are individually having our own databases created in our local systems.

    The Question to my friends is, Can we access the same website created and edit them by sitting in two diff locations ? Without publishing directly to the net.

    One more question.
    1) If we add a user from user’s section with admin rights (Already have one) , Should we have to create another database file for this user in the htdocs (WPconfig file).

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  • Moderator cubecolour


    Each WordPress site (or network of site if using multisite) is one set of files connected to a database.

    You can have more than one installation of WordPress connected to a single database (by using different table prefixes), but not more than one database on one site.

    You can have more than one WordPress admin account.

    Thanks for help, my problem has been resolved

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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