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    I have followed the guidance, as explained in this link, when  presenting a custom Group Home Page (on the Main Site) .

    So we create a template file front-slug-{group-slug}.php for the Group Home Page

    & that template is put in this folder: the child theme—>buddypress—>groups—>single—>front-slug-{group-slug}.php

    So far so good.

    So for a Group called “Rugby” in Groups on the Main Site (  the folder/file structure is:  child theme—>buddypress—>groups—>single—>front-slug-rugby
    All good & the template is reproduced on the front end

    Now…. for the other Sites/Networks

    If we have a Group of the same name “Rugby” in say a second site or Network how do we manage the template address as child theme—>buddypress—>groups—>single—> won’t do as it will just return the previous result (of the first site)

    Yes you could require unique names for each group irrespective of site but its not ideal.

    Any workaround on this much appreciated

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  • Plugin Author shawfactor


    I´ll need to test this, but I will probably put this on hold until this bug in buddypress 7.0 is addressed as it effects multiblog and groups.

    how quickly do you need an answer, as I´d prefer to delay my testing until the above bug is addressed?

    Thankyou for the earlier kind review btw


    Thread Starter valuser


    No rush: thanks.

    Have applied imath’s patch to the relevant files.(local install)

    Best you & imath sort it out as i’m way out of my depth.

    Plugin Author shawfactor


    ah I finally had a a think abut this.

    What you want is more of a limitation of wordpress than any issue with buddypress or even my plugin.

    Howveever everything in both is filterable and you could filter bp_get_buddypress_template like buddypress does here and get a solution by for instance including the blog id in the template file that is called:

    But in tersm of writing the actual code, to get the exact solution you need that would be a bigger task.

    Plugin Author shawfactor


    to illustate my point aboe the same issue exists for specifric templates with post id or slugs on multisite.

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    Thank you.

    Another (kinda ready-made) work-around could be using BPGE to produce Group Pages. It works with your plugin on the front-end. All “extra pages” appear to be in the wp-admin/Group-Pages/ of the main site. BPGE, while very useful, is still (i believe) a work in progress.

    All good

    Plugin Author shawfactor


    Howdy I assume by BPGE you mean Buddypress Group Extras?

    If so I’m unclear on how it would resolve the issue you have?

    Anyway we are veering off the topic so I will resolve this thread (but still monitor it so feel free to post here).

    If you need a solution to having some groups available globally and some not I have a solution. But if you want a user friendly way I’d charge for it (I’ll happily send you the code I have but it needs some work to make it user friendly).

    If you are interested either way contact me via the contact form on my personal site

    or email me at shawfactor dot gmail dot com


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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