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    Just upgraded from 2.9.2 to 3.01. I’ve been happily running 0.2.1. using the widget to display posts which I’ve tagged “featured”.

    When I upgraded, the featured posts were still appearing fine. However, I was prompted to upgrade to Query Post 0.3.1, which I did automatically. Despite all of the reassuring messages after the auto upgrade, the widget stopped working, displaying only a small, empty, partial box.

    I restored 0.2.1 manually by deleting 0.3.1, and then copying back the old query posts directy. It works fine.

    I confess I didn’t spend much time with 0.3.1 trying to make it work. I did not spend any time checking out the widget, for example. However, I assumed it just ought to work.

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    OK, I get the 50 lashes for not having read the changelog. However, now that I’ve read the changelog, I see that it says I need to “reset” the widget. What does that mean? I guess I’ll figure it out, but a few words from you would make it unnecessary for me to have to do that.

    I would also note that the relevant comment is listed for Version 0.3 not 0.3.1. While I admit I didn’t read the change log at all, you’re expecting your users to read the ENTIRE changelog carefully for upgrade installation hints, which I frankly think is unrealistic and a misuse of a changelog (which by my way of thinking should be a history of what you’ve developed and what’s changed).

    I don’t mean to give you a hard time (notwithstanding your snarky reply to my query). I really do love the plug in and thank you for building it and supporting it. However, I would submit essential installation instructions ought to be in the installation instructions.

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