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  • ok, this may be a very basic question, i am a newbie to wordpress and php and all. i am trying to convert my website to use wordpress. currently every page has a server side include (or 2 or 3 or 4) which calls some perl code i wrote to query a database and generate some html.
    of course when i try to use the SSI in a post to convert over to WordPress, it is not evaluated. now, ideally i would like to know if i can use my perl code still somehow, but it seems i may have to do some php magic to get the data now. yet when i try to put a database connect in there it also is not evaluated. browsing the forum i see info on Db operations in the main page or within the defined areas but not for within posts.
    thanks for any help!

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  • just to clarify, the perl code queries a mysql database. i could copy the tables into the wordpress database but i would rather not. although i am not sure how to access THAT data either.
    thanks again!

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