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  • Hi,

    I installed the most recent version of the Query Multiple Taxonomies plugin on a development page for a friend’s video blog and made some HTML and CSS adjustments. I’m pretty sure it was working fine for a while, but I’ve been making numerous changes and trying thins out and there now seems t be an issue with the plugin somewhere.

    I am using the plugin outside of the sidebar and displaying all post_tag results as a list. It works fine when you click on the first tag – the ‘title’ attribute for the link reads ‘add-term’ and the link goes to ‘/?tag=TERM1’. When a second tag is selected it works fine to (links to ‘/?tag=TERM1+TERM2’).

    At this point though, the plugin doesn’t seem to be able to recognise that there are multiple tags selected so the link for ‘TERM2’ tag still has the title ‘Add-term’ and the link still goes to ‘/?tag=TERM1+TERM2’ whilst ‘TERM1’ has the correct title of ‘remove-term’, but the link remains the same as the ‘reset’ link, instead of removing that term to show only ‘TERM2’.

    You can see the development page here

    Can someone tell me where I would find what has gone wrong here!? I’ve looked through the plugin files and can’t find anything that looks wrong, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the plugin, I’ve disabled all other plugins – I can’t figure it out!

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