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    I’m integrating Jstree with QMT and it’s working perfectly with the addition of nesting the $before_title and $after_title within a list item within an unordered list. I may also need to insert an ID into what become the root “folder” links per se, and I’m using the default theme, with no dots and no icons, so that there aren’t weird ins elements between the term-title and the add/remove anchor.

    However, I’m attempting to use the cookie feature in order to keep the “folders” open that have already been open when the page is refreshed, but, when I implement it ( which I could be doing totally incorrectly because I’m not a cookie master ), the Jstree functions disappear completely from the page. All it takes is including the ui and cookie plugin in order to make jstree not work, so, should probably tackle that before tackling the fact that I am probably not implementing the cookies correctly.

    I think I may also run into an issue with the fact that on initial selection, the template changes to multi-tax. I’m not sure if that would affect the cookie or not. Still to be determined once I can get rid of the fact that just calling the cookie plugin breaks jstree.

    Beyond that I have also tried using the core: initially_open options ( after inserting an id of jstreeterm before class=”term-item” ) and that hasn’t worked either.

    So, the base use of Jstree is awesome, and I highly recommend using it with QMT, but, it would be great to get the cookies and initially open options working.

    More than happy to give a login Scribu, if you’re interested in taking a look 😉

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  • Sure, you know my email.

    On it’s way 😉

    I found a script that looks exactly like what the category box would need:

    Wow. Nice script. Wish I’d come across that before implementing JsTree, although I think they are all branching from a similar place. This one seems much more … well, easy to implement? JsTree was really overkill for what I needed and never did have time to get the cookie sessions working on the site, but, for the front end, it’s serving its purpose well enough … for now. The backend category/taxonomy meta box selections are of course where this is really needed. I wonder if getting a script like this into the core hierarchical taxonomy/category metaboxes would be something core dev would be willing to consider? That sure would be swell … hint hint. My client has to scroll through a few hundred nested taxonomies to make selections for each custom post type post. Bummer. Long time no talk by the way … hope things are groovy.

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