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  • Hi, not sure if anyone else is having this issue but it’s got me stumped.

    Gif here:

    Basically with Query Monitor activated, closing my sites tabs on Chrome has a massive delay and causes the browser to freeze temporarily. This happens on Chrome and Brave browser (only browsers I tested).

    I tested some much smaller sites of mine as well, and the problem still persists (slower tab closing) but it’s not as bad.

    Disabling Query Monitor fixes the problem completely and tabs close instantly.

    Anyone have any idea of what is happening here?

    Note that I don’t recall this happening before today. Not sure if it’s because of a new Chromium build? Wondering if anyone is experiencing the same thing.

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  • Plugin Author John Blackbourn


    WordPress Core Developer

    Thanks for the report. Are you using Chrome/Brave 105? I just updated yesterday, haven’t seen any problems so far.

    In the past this sort of slowdown has been caused by some JavaScript on the site that gets bogged down by the large HTML tables that QM outputs, for example a table sorting plugin that tries to sort the tables in QM.

    I wonder if there’s some JavaScript on your site that for some reason is performing an action on the unload event and QM is slowing it down.

    Can you try switching to one of the default themes such as Twenty Twenty-One to see if the problem persists?

    Plugin Author John Blackbourn


    WordPress Core Developer

    You know what, I’m seeing that closing tabs in general is a bit slower since I updated Chrome. I wonder if there’s a Chrome issue.

    Thread Starter Dylan Houlihan


    Hey John thanks for responding. I did try switching to the twenty twenty-one theme and the issue still persisted. Tried disabling all other plugins as well.

    One thing I’ve noticed: It seems like the more tabs of my site I have open, the longer it takes for one of my site-specific tabs to close. So as I close each tab, it slowly gets faster one tab at a time, but there’s still a noticeable lag even when closing the last open tab.

    All other tabs (non-site ones) seem to be working fine though, although as you said, I have noticed even they will close slowly at times since the latest Chrome update (on 105). That said, it’s not nearly as bad or noticeable as tabs from my own site.

    It’s very weird as (from what I can remember) this was never an issue for me before yesterday.

    EDIT: Ok, I’m definitely starting to think it’s a Chromium issue. Did a quick test on Firefox and the lag is non-existent. Tabs close instantly even with Query Monitor installed, all plugins activated, theme activated, and 10+ site-specific tabs open. Hopefully they release a new version soon.

    Thread Starter Dylan Houlihan


    Another update: tested on a different computer with Chrome v104, no issues. Updated to 105 and the issue returns. Have been noticing it on other sites as well besides just my own, though when Query Monitor is active it does make the problem worse. Seems like Chrome just can’t handle it now as its overall performance in this version seems horrible.

    I tried submitting a bug report to Chrome but who knows if those ever get read.

    Plugin Author John Blackbourn


    WordPress Core Developer

    Do you have a link to that Chrome bug report?



    I have the same problem. Google Chrome v105, big e-commerce site, 100/1000s queries etc. With QM off, everything is OK, tab closing instantly. But with QM on, closing tabs take (tens of) seconds … and every other Chrome window freezes for that time, Youtube Music tab stops playing after a while, etc. It’s the same when tried with Incognito mode (all my extensions disabled).

    Firefox is doing fine – a little bit slower actions in QM GUI, but with 2500+ logged queries it’s still acceptable.

    On the other hand, I was reporting strange unresponsiveness a few months ago – with QM on, any WP page was waiting for QM numbers to show up in admin bar, and until that it did not respond to anything (click, scroll). So I clicked the link / published the post, reload happend, and for 500ms or a second or two I could not do anything until QM nubmers showed up, and the page started to be responding again.

    Thread Starter Dylan Houlihan


    Hey, I don’t have a bug report link as I submitted it through the Help -> Report an Issue button within the Chrome settings. This doesn’t create a public bug report.

    However, I did find this bug report:

    Seems like they’re reporting on a similar issue.

    Jake Edwards


    Ah! Thanks for posting about this. I didn’t realise it was QM being affected by this. I guess it’s due to the large amount of DOM being produced by the plugin.

    Would be nice if I could turn it off until I need it. i.e. rely on a query option to activate it?

    Roman Axelrod


    Hey All,

    Just letting you that you’re not alone – I experience the same issue with “stuck” tabs on each refresh in Chrome v105. Tested the issue on multiple websites and the result is the same, even on very basic WordPress installation.

    So the development work is painful in these conditions. As a temporary solution I disable the QueryMonitor plugin and activate only when I really need it.

    I believe the issue will be solved in next Chrome releases.

    Chrome 106 didn’t fix this.

    QM has made my WP Dashboard load in a really strange “hiccup fashion” where the browser freezes multiple times when I open any page. Closing the Chrome tab also does the same thing of freezing Chrome as well.

    This has been happening for months and I thought it was just related to the site size, but deactivating QM resolved it.

    Hey all,
    just to let you know – I have the same issue with Chrome 107 (Beta).

    Also getting this issue with Chrome Version 106.0.5249.119 but the browser hangs on refresh and close. Tried disablinG plugins, 2022 theme etc. Would love this one resolved as development is becoming trickier than normal!

    Same issue here. Latest Chrome version…



    Identical issue! Specifically with QM and chrome. If you have multiple tabs open and multiple WP admin dashboards open it gets worse. Happening with Chrome 106.0.5249.119

    Closing a tab will freeze Chrome for a bit, if you leave the tab open for awhile and then close it, it will freeze for longer. After enough tabs are open the entire browser will being to freeze from various tasks until it’s completely closed via task manager.

    Thread Starter Dylan Houlihan


    Just updated to version 107.0.5304.88 of chrome, looks like the issue is fixed on this version! Is anyone else still having problems or should I mark resolved?

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