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    So I’m trying to create a feature similar to Instagram’s posts you’ve been identified in where I display all the posts where a user has been assigned as co-author, but I can’t seem to get around what args to use in a WP_Query. Besides, is there an easy way for me to remove the co-author from the post in the front end?

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    Hi @acarvalheiro, thanks for getting in touch.

    All the authors in our plugin are stored as taxonomy terms of “author” taxonomy.
    More details here: https://publishpress.com/knowledge-base/authors-data-backup/

    So basically you need to use the meta query for filtering according to your requirements:


    For easily removing an author of a post, there is no UI in the frontend yet. But you could use the method “MultipleAuthors\Classes\Utils::set_post_authors”. The method signature is:

     * Set the authors for a post
     * @param int $postId ID for the post to modify.
     * @param array $authors Bylines to set on the post.
     * @param bool $syncPostAuthor
     * @param int $fallbackUserId User ID for using as the author in case no author or if only guests are selected
    public static function set_post_authors($postId, $authors, $syncPostAuthor = true, $fallbackUserId = null);

    I hope that helps. Feel free to email us at help@publishpress.com if you have more questions.

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    So I’ve been trying to create a very simple (probably not the best) function that removes the current user from a co-authors list, but I can’t seem to get it to work and I don’t understand why. Both the get_by_user_id and set_post_authors function end up in an error, why is that the case?

    `function removeID(){
    $id = isset($_GET[‘ID’]) ? $_GET[‘ID’] : ”;
    $coauthors = get_multiple_authors($id);
    $current = get_by_user_id(get_current_user_id());
    $key = array_search($current_user,$coauthors);

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    after some debugging wordpress says that the two functions mentioned above are undefined and I cant see why, are they private in any way? How do I call them?

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