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    Hello guys, i’m having a query problem ( i think ) in listing the posts under my blog page template. This current code i’m using lists the same posts in all pages so probably it’s just a small parameter that i’m missing. The purpose of this template is to list the page content and the post list with pagination.

    Code Here

    PS: I’ve came from blogger template design and everything i know about php i learned in the past 5 days (so yeah i’m still a noob in it)

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  • I’m kind of confused at what you’re trying to make your code do. If it’s at all helpful, it sounds like what you want should be built in to WordPress. Try to find a theme that does what you’re looking to do in look at the source code.

    That wasn’t the answer i was expecting. If you looked at the code you’ll notice that is already scrapped from other themes. I posted because i would like an expert opinion on what’s going on with my code or what i’m doing wrong. That template is to list category posts in a static page (with the page content aswell).

    To get the page content do i need to loop it ? If so then the problem is in my loop.

    Solved it with another methods. The information i wanted on the frontpage i inserted it directly in index.php before the call. Since it’s for a “static website” with 4 updates a month, it’s fine. Thanks anyway wordpress codex helped me alot.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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