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  1. black4eternity
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    I am new to the forum. I have been searching for answers to these questions on Google and the Forums but am unable to find exactly what I need. If these are a repost by any chance do forgive me as I guess I am not sure of the right keywords I should be searching for.

    Multisite seems perfect for few of the projects that we were planning to build. Our initial idea was to build something from scratch but with MultiSite it just seems perfect for our needs. Except these issues that I am unable to figure out.

    Q 1) MultiSite supposedly uses a different user database for every network(Subdomain)
    We are looking to build sites where we the content is generated by a select set of authors and spread across multiple sub domains.
    Eg: movies.xyz.com,sports.xyz.com,news.xyz.com
    Is it possible that we have user roles like authors defined across domains ?
    Also, Can we set it up in a way that once the user registers on xyz.com(WP) their membership is valid across movies.xyz.com,sports.xyz.com,news.xyz.com etc. So if they can post comments across the site.

    Q 2) If we use Buddypress with MultiSite can we replicate the same scenario mentioned in Q 1) ?
    For Eg - If a user registers on xyz.com or movies.xyz.com the same login is valid across the various sub domains of xyz.com so that their activity on their profile and their comments from movies.xyz.com or sports.xyz.com show as a single user profile like in a BPress on a WP Single User site ?

    Q 3) I also feel while the classifieds plugins on WordPress are wonderful it would beat the purpose if a user has to register with one ID on say NY.xyz.com and again another ID on LA.xyz.com.

    I hope I have been able to explain my questions clearly. All basically have got to do with a common user database.

    I shall be grateful if the WordPress Experts on the forum can help me out.


  2. Regarding BuddyPress - yes.

  3. black4eternity
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for your response Paul.

    So is the buddypress database independent of the wordpress user database ?
    Because if buddypress relied on users DB from the main wordpress Installation then it should be possible for the entire wordpress installation across networks. Atleast that would be my guess.

  4. black4eternity
    Posted 4 years ago #

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