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  • I have founded an NGO which helps needy talented children to reach their potential. They register with us over our website. We collect donation from different donors and disburse money to these needy children. They need to submit money receipts, bills to prove that they actually used that money for specific expense categories. Also there are other documents they need to share in terms of their academic performance etc.
    So there are many documents involved in the process and need to structure year-wise… With this context, I have few questions on your solution

    – When a user registers with a defined role, can a folder structure be automatically created for that user? Only that user can access those folders apart from Admin.
    – Can that folder structure be shared with the user from front end… so that they can upload documents in those folders or view some documents, but can’t edit?
    – Can a folder be shared (view only) with multiple users with multiple roles at front-end?
    – Is a document like word or excel, be editable directly in wordpress without downloading and uploading?
    – where this user-specific private folder gets created in wordpress folder structure?
    – Do you have some video demos/documentation for all your features?
    – Your pricing is one-time or annual?
    – Is there any security issue or conflict with other plugins?

    Your quick response will be helpful….

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    There is no response so far… I have sent an email from your website as well… not received any response… There is not much videos, user manual, documentation also to understand features and functionalities…

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