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  • Boris



    yesterday I discovered a js file in the head of my site I didn’t know ( I did a search and it turns out it’s used for some kind of ad tracking. Then I got interested in what plugin adds it to my blog. I did a search locally in all my files and it came up with nothing. Now I just realized it’s been included twice on single pages. Does anybody have any idea how this piece of javascript gets included? Maybe what plugin can cause it and how I can get rid of it?


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  • Satya Prakash


    if you have find where it is, then please tell me also.
    I can only see when I use “Web developer toolbar”. but not in html source code.
    Just sometime back I have found it and few others are also wondering.
    It seems a tracking code. Who is tracking me!

    Looking for a solution on this one too. Let me know if you are able to figure this out.

    Figured it out for me, it was Intense Debate. They inject it into pages to track where their comments are. Very annoying, as it should not be on pages where I have comments disabled.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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