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  • I paid $299.00 for this crap software and was never able to install it or get the support I needed. I started a New project and wanted to try it again but they would not let me download the Software and Tried to hijack me for Lifetime updates. I never even used it. Scumbags. I said I dont want an update I just wnat the software I paid for and they said that was against their policy. Obviously just a way to milk more money from everyone who buys.

    There is a LOT of other places you can get software.

    Post Affiliate Pro
    Post Affiliate Network

    Mikulas Ruzek

    Matthew Ftacnik
    Sales and Marketing Director

    Matthew has experience in promoting, running and selling products of various startup companies. He was one of the first to work with the startup ecosystem in Slovakia. Thanks to this involvement he stays on the cutting edge with new technologies and trends in software and business development. Matthew is a true people person and loves to meet new people around the globe.
    Andrej Haršáni
    Co-Founder and Software Architect

    Andrej designed our LiveAgent product, and he is one of the main architects of the GwtPHP framework. Andrej wrote the first lines of our framework, and continually adds innovative new features. While Andrej keeps an eye on the Quality Unit’s framework code quality, he continues his work defining of future of GwtPHP.
    Viktor Zeman
    Co-Founder and Senior Developer

    A seasoned software architect with solid expertise in software development and project management, Viktor manages the Support Center, along with numerous other projects. Passionately inspired to drive business, he provides consultation for other businesses as well. Viktor is a key element in Quality Unit’s success.
    Michal Bebjak
    Senior Developer and Software Architect

    Michal is our chief developer. Together with Andrej, Michal is the main architect of our GwtPHP framework, defining most of the internal structures, and user interface components. He has worked on GwtPHP since its inception. In addition to, GwtPHP you can find his distinctive footprint in Post Affiliate Pro.
    Miloš Jancovic
    Senior Developer

    Miloš is a skilled developer with Java background. Miloš is dedicated to the development of framework parts, as well as many other products.
    Juraj Šimon
    Junior Developer
    Ján Perdoch
    Multimedia designer

    Ján maps our multimedia design. His creativity defines the design of all of our user interface components. Thanks to Jáns creativity, GwtPHP framework has a unique look and feel.
    René Dohán
    Senior Developer

    René is developing multiple Quality Unit products, like PAPAlert, Post Affiliate Pro, OCRFactory, and others, as well as working on customer focused projects. René works on the tough stuff! (e.g. development of library used for re-branding of PDF documents).
    Matej Kendera
    Junior Developer
    Daniela Milonová
    Junior Develop

    Martin Pullmann
    Ladislav Ács
    Ján Duriš
    Brano Nemec
    Viktor Lucza
    Ivan Srba

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