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  • Dear Peter:

    Hey this is Doug Joseph. Hope you are well!

    We just updated to the latest version and it is impressive!

    However, we also are noticing seriously visible damage to the cropped image due to intense JPG compression. Is there any chance you would tell me where in the code I can tweak the amount of compression that is happening?

    Thanks again for such a great plugin!!

    I just searched the code and found only one place that sets this variable:

    $jpeg_quality = 90

    It was right under a remark line that says “// Upsize Avatar images that are too small.”

    However, the issue I’m facing is poor quality on downsizing, not upsizing.

    We need larger avatars, and so I tweaked the code to up the max from 80 to 140. The damage done by the JPG compression is very obvious. Not having any luck finding where to affect the selected JPG quality setting in use.

    Well, I changed the size up to 140 and edit the code to say $jpeg_quality = 95 (instead of 90) and at first I did not think it did any good. But then I refreshed and it does appear better. I think my efforts did result in increased quality but I had a caching issue keeping me from seeing it, perhaps.

    For those interested, the change to image quality was made on line 1203.

    Also note that viewing an 80 pixel avatar scaled up to 140 pixels (in the avatar editing dialog) will cause the jpeg compression “artifacts” to appear more obvious than at normal size.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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