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  • rubytuesday


    Hello WordPress moderators,

    Is there some kind of public policy notice about the vetting process that newly-deposited Plugins go through?

    I know there are no guarantees, but can WordPress developers using Plugins from the repository be 90, 95, 99.99% confident that the code has been looked at by a real person and that it doesn’t appear to contain anything nasty?

    Thank you.

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  • mrmist


    I don’t believe so. For one thing, even though initial submissions may go through checking, from that point onwards the author has the svn commit access, and so future versions could potentially be overwritten. With the vast amount of user-submitted content, it wouldn’t be possible to manually vet all the code.

    Your best bet would be to go for trusted plugins that many users have downloaded if you want to be safe.

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