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[Resolved] Quadruple Blue – Right sidebar moving

  • I am setting up a blog for a client. Everything looked fine until I noticed that the right sidebar drops to the bottom of the blog on some computers and some browsers.

    Here is the blog: http://www.meridianmultimedia.com/wordpress/

    On two of my computers the blog looks fine in both IE and Friefox at every resolution between 600X800 on up. On my laptop however the right sidebar drops to the bottom of teh blog when viewed on IE at all screen sizes, yet looks just fine on Firefox.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to anchor the right sidebar?

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  • Client? Sigh. People getting paid for sites, that cant figure these things out amaze me 🙁

    If you resize the page in ff it drops, its the nature of the 86% in the CSS.

    width: 100%;

    to your body CSS. That fixed it for me.

    Thanks for the response, I guess. Not necessarily pleased to amaze you. Apparently you were amazed enough not to read the bit where I noted that I am not having problems in Firefox.

    I realize now that it is a specifically an IE6 problem. IE7 and FF work just fine. Sounds like the same problem that uberpiglet had and apparently solved in another recent thread. Perhaps he will be able to shed some light on it.

    No, apparantly, you missed the part where I stated :

    If you resize the page in ff it drops

    Ive already pointed out the problem.

    The theme is set up to use 86% of the screen. And its NOT an ie6 problem because I can look at the page in MY ie6 @ 1440×900 and it doesnt drop –

    OK maybe I am being stupid but by “ff” were you referruing to Firefox or did you have some other meaning for “ff”?

    ff == FIREFOX.

    Its worth noting that unless Im on crack – that theme looks different than it did when I first looked. Perhaps you are messing with things.

    So my previous post above regarding what I see in ie may or may not apply to what I saw originally.

    Actually, I can see now that you are.

    the confusion with this thread lies in the fact that you are asking about a theme in your title: Quadruple Blue

    and yet, when I looked the grey theme that is currently showing, and was showing when I looked earlier, is not that theme- its this one:

    Theme Name: Blueline
    Theme URI: http://www.gpsgazette.com/
    Description: Blueline is a 3 column theme with one sidebar on the right and one to the left of the content area that uses a soft color scheme and very few images. Bothsidebars are widget ready.
    Version: 1.0
    Author: GPS Gazette
    Author URI: http://www.gpsgazette.com/

    Its awful hard for anyone to look at something thats not displayed.

    That is it.

    I have also been modifying other templates for the blog which do not have the IE6 problem that the Quadruple Blue template seems to have, so I think you may have looked at one of those if you clicked on my link. The Blueline template is 86% of the screen and doesn’t give me any problems in the various browsers.

    Thanks anyway. I’ll look elswhere.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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