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  • Hello community,

    I just wanted to let you know that qTranslate X is not supported in latest WordPress 5.5 released on August 11, 2020 so before you jump in on the upgrade keep in mind that you won’t be able to switch languages to edit or even able to view source of the website (in classic editor).

    For the record I tried qTranslate XT ( and it also does not work with WordPress 5.5 as of today (15/08/2020, version qtranslate-xt-3.8.1)

    Anybody has experience with any other qTranslate X – compatible/easy to migrate plugin that does updates quickly?


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  • Hello, I am using qTranslate XT on 20 websites, and it works very well, also with blocks.
    I create a file with blocks and then I save it in one language, Then I open the same file with the normal editor. I go under the text part and I copy the codes in every language page. Then I open it in the visual part and translate the page, language by language. And it works

    Any news on this? I have 1 website with qTranslateX and now afraid to upgrade. Of course I do always full backup, but just want to make sure if other people are upgrading OK, so then I can take the risk.

    I’m using theme The Art from SKT Themes. Anyone familiar? I will also ask author.

    I contacted the developer of my theme about WP 5.5 and possible not working qTranslateX anymore. He advised to install this plugin – then it should stay working as normal:

    Hopes this helps, Wilfried

    I only noticed this thread today, since my website is working with WP 5.5 without any problems. Any others in the same situation?

    Best wishes, Jannik

    Mine is working also perfect after installing the plugin that I mentioned.

    Thanks Wilfried. I didn’t install the plugin – but will consider it as a “safety precaution” for future WP updates.



    Update qTranslate TX
    After updating the plugin is deactivated, remember to reactivate it manually.
    Don’t fret if you find the double linga mistake.
    Reactivate the pluguin.

    After installing the plugin “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper”, it throws the following error when trying to open the Media Library:

    jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered
    This page generated the following warnings: jQuery.fn.load() is deprecated

    Using Q-translate XT Version 3.6.0.

    Any ideas on this?

    I updated to Q-Translate XT Version 3.9 from the github repo

    The Media Library still does not work. The page loads, but no media items appear. If I disable the Q-Translate XT plugin the Media library does work.

    jQuery Migrate Helper — Warnings encountered
    This page generated the following warnings:

    jQuery is not compatible with Quirks Mode


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