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    Hello guys,

    first of all I wud like to thank you for qTranslateX. It works perfectly as a widget on the WP Theme that I purchased (qTranslate itself didn’t work).
    I have to say that I have limited or now coding expertise 🙁

    However, I don’t want to have the function of switching the language as a widget in my blog. Rather, I want to have it in the header section of my website, which acts as a landing page. The landing page itself is to promote a product on different languages.

    I tried to get qTranslate working on this issue and I found out that using these codes helped a lot but qTranslate didn’t work with my theme at all.

    In Header.php of the theme:
    <div style = 'position: absolute; top: 47px; right: -30px;'><?php qtrans_generateLanguageSelectCode('image'); ?></div>

    In style.css of the theme:

    qtrans_language_chooser { list-style-type:none }
    .qtrans_language_chooser li { float:right; margin-right:3px }
    .qtrans_flag { border:1px solid #b6b6b6 }

    This won’t work for qTranslate-X. Can you help me on that issue please?

    Kind regards from Germany

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    Ignore my posting guys.
    I didn’t see that there is a seperate function undere Appearance/Menu/Language Switcher.

    Works perfect now. Thanks for this Plugin guys.

    Problem solved without coding! 😀

    wow, that’s really nice. must be new as i did never remarked that.
    unfortunately it’s not in the header as wished.

    Plugin Author John Clause


    Yes, Language Switcher menu item is a new addition available in qTranslate-X only for now. It can be also customized via CSS entries, as it is mentioned in help text to “Language Switcher” item.

    Hi John and others,

    Please take a look at the active language flag in the menu… I tried to change some CSS, but I can’t find the CSS for that flag. And if it is possible I want the flag to be shown as En, Rs, It, Fr.. etc.

    Best Regars

    I did a restore form the beta to production site, and same problem.

    Actually is was a configuration in config.php:

    I removed both and now the links are working.
    I guess it was my fault :S

    Thanks for your help!

    sorry for my last post. I got mixed-up with another one (it can be removed)

    Hello there I got this problem and I can’t get rid of the characters “> before the flags or text q-translate menu in the header section (upper right corner)

    Any hint?



    Hi tis_web,
    I’ve the same problem. Could you fix it? How?

    Plugin Author John Clause


    @tis_web & @dacoso: I do not think that your problem is the same as original one on this topic, but anyway, I think this comes from the theme:

    <span data-hover="<img src=" http:="""" tis="" wp-content="" plugins="" qtranslate-x="" flags="" it.png"="" alt="Italiano">"><img src="" alt="Italiano"></span>

    QTX does not create attribute “data-hover”, and nothing like this exists on the default public themes like “Twenty Fifteen”, it must come from your theme, and it is not properly escaped as you may see. You need to change the code in the theme and let them know so that they would fix it permanently. You may hire us to do this change if you do not have time to deal with it or, the best is to contact the theme.



    And one question regarding this menu item. How to change this default text LANGUAGE. In other theme I change it from the Navigation Label and also on that theme there are more options. On the other site I changed that label but nothing (using bakery).

    Any suggestions?

    Plugin Author John Clause


    @nightchill: this does not seem to fit the topic, but anyway:

    For further help go to The Forum, if needed.

    How can i change widget css code in q translate x that the widget is in the top right corner. Is it enough to change the code in the widget, or need to add the code in the subject?
    it is a theme rt 16


    Plugin Author Gunu



    Ask this question in the new Support Forum

    Read also this topic: ANNOUNCEMENT

    i cant write there. why?

    sorry man. now i can write.

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