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  • Hi,

    after the problems with Visual Composer have been solved, is there something planned for Fusion Page Builder (used e.g. in the widespread commercial Theme “Avada”) as well? Falling back to the native editor and using shortcodes manually is not a viable solution for my purpose. I can offer a full test setup for development, so you don’t have to purchase anything. I can assist in the process as well, just let me know how I can help.

    I am using WP 4.2.1 with latest Avada (3.8.3) and the bundled fusion core plugin (1.7.2). When I create a new page or post and use the fusion builder to create the content visually, the page/post is saved as completely empty. When I disable the fusion builder (Avada Theme Option), everything, including language-switching, works as expected. But I need the visual editor, teaching all authors how to use the long list of shortcodes isn’t a viable solution right now.

    I’m ready to help solving this any way I can.

    Best regards

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  • Plugin Author Gunu


    @oldgrumpyde, (rightful name? :-))

    First thank you for your offer to help us.
    Are you using the latest Beta version of qTranslate-X?
    If not, download it here

    Do not use install via WordPress admin!
    First unzip the new file.
    Deactivate the existing version of qTranslate in WordPress admin.
    Then with FTP delete all files in the existing qtranslate-x folder and after that copy all new files in it.
    Activate qTranslate-x again via WordPress admin.

    Under Settings – Languages – Advanced Settings there is Editor Mode with a new function;
    Single Language Mode. The language edited is the same as admin language.

    Edit language cannot be switched without page re-loading. Try this mode, if some of the advanced translatable fields do not properly respond to the Language Switching Buttons due to incompatibility with a plugin, which severely alters the default WP behaviour. This mode is the most compatible with other themes and plugins. One may find convenient to use the default Editor Mode, while remembering not to switch edit languages on custom advanced translatable fields, where LSB do not work.

    Would you first see if that works?

    Hi Gunu,

    thanks for the fast reply. I’ll clean out the current test setup and start over with a clean slate with the latest beta and get back to you.

    Running with and the behaviour has changed from earlier versions but it’s still broken. 🙁 It doesn’t matter if I use the language switch buttons or the single language mode, the fusion page builder always displays all content of the page, i.e. I see every [:de] and [:en] on the page. That makes editing a bit tedious. On the plus side: Content gets saved, apparently. 🙂

    Just re-tested with and no change. Even in single-language mode, the editor displays the content for all languages and even the qtranslate-x shortcodes like [:de] etc.

    When I switch back to the default editor, I see all of the shortcodes qtranslate-x uses wrapped up like this:


    Plugin Author Gunu



    We are now in the final phase for version 3.3.
    We come to this problem after that back.

    Do you have a rough estimate for the ETA? I’m not trying to urge, I’m just asking for my own schedule.

    Plugin Author Gunu


    A timeline for this, no, that depends on so many factors that it is difficult to say.

    Oh, sorry, this was easy to misunderstand. I meant an ETA for version 3.3 so I can jot down “don’t bother checking before x/y”. 🙂

    Plugin Author Gunu


    Version 3.3 we hope this weekend 🙂

    Hello, the problem persists after the update, but I trust that you will find the solution to this problem. Thank you.

    If anybody from the dev team would like to have a look at it now that 3.3 is out, just let me know. I’ll setup a test installation for you.


    my solution is :
    add/replace function wp_kses_post/esc_html with function ‘_e’


    @raji Web

    I hope you’re aware of the huge leak you’ve just blown into your website security.

    hi guys,

    I ran into the same problem and I created a fix (semi-dirty) that allows me to work with the 2. My fix was this: if the fusion page builder is active then automatically switch to the Default editor just before saving. Here’s the details and the code for the fix:

    [SOLVED]Problems with qTranslate and Fusion Page Builder (Avada theme)

    hope this helps

    hi guys,

    Anyone here tried what @codingdude has done with adding a plugin? I’m into the same situation of switching language.

    Will try this on a dev site.


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