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  1. bodhi_mcgee
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi, first time trying this forum, thanks in advance to anyone interested in the problem and its solution. Ive done the google search, the wp forums, the codex... no luck so here goes.

    Im using qtranslate with four languages. In qtranslate settings I have "URL Modification" set to "Use Pre-Path Mode (Default, puts /en/ in front of URL)" and Im looking for a way to change the Language Code to my own word (custom set of char's), rather than the default en, de, fr, cn etc..

    So in my example:

    http://www.woaw.org.au/cn/fun-stuff/ needs to become http://www.woaw.org.au/8andUnder/fun-stuff/

    Any thoughts much appreciated.

    I was also considering that if the "Name" field of the Edit Language section could instead be used in the URL Modification, rather than the 2 letter ISO code, that would work too.



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