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  • Hi,

    Nice little plugin, still seems to work fine despite the comment here and the fact that development has stopped.

    One thing is that it doesn’t play well with qTranslate. If I find another plugin that’s being developed and is compatible with qTranslate, I might move to that. Meantime, here’s a hack. In seo-slugs.php, just after line 27 (where the variable $seo_slug is first set), add this:

    if ( function_exists( 'qtrans_init' ) ) {
    	preg_match( '/<!\-\-:en\-\->([^<]*)<!\-\-:\-\->/', $seo_slug, $matches );
    	$seo_slug = $matches[1];
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  • Hi Steve,

    What makes you say the plugin’s development has stopped?

    I’m seeing “Last Updated: 2011-6-2” on the addon page – I’m also seeing a bit of community buzz on the forum around the plugin?


    Hi Edward, apologies but I should have been a little clearer. This post is about the SEO Slugs plugin’s compatibility with qTranslate, not about qTranslate. SEO Slugs is the plugin I was referring to!

    I’m curious about the general idea of compatibility. How are other plugins supposed to be compatible with qTranslate. For example, Popular Posts isn’t compatible. Could WP PP use some regular WP API function call to get post titles in order to get automatic qTranslate compatibility?

    Apparently, it’s a pretty simple fix:

    I think in general plugins can be more compatible with each other if they use standard WP functions, and use hooks properly. However, there’s not much in this instance that SEO Slugs could do to be “automatically” compatible with qTranslate – because of the way qTranslate operates, using HTML comments to divide the title etc. into different languages.

    Putting in specific workarounds like this for compatibility with other plugins can’t be expected of plugin authors. But when the other plugin is popular, and compatibility is requested, and it’s easy, it’s a great thing to do 🙂 The other option is of course to fork the plugin to create a compatible version, as was done with Google XML Sitemaps, and probably some others.

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