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    Hello all,

    I got an issue in my web, customizr theme with qTranslate installed is not recognizing the web browser lang.

    It did in some point, but it was never flawless. It’s kinda buggy or it depends how I type the domain, with or without the http://www… I really can’t tell.

    Fact is that I got English by default, but using ES browser it doesn’t catch it, so I need to type the /es at the end, and then it works fine, until I clic Inicio (Home) and gets backs to English again, it never happened the other way around.

    Any setting or something I’m missing?


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  • I was going to say that you’d be better asking in the qTranslate forum, but there are so many unanswered questions there…

    Looking back, though, there are lots of people asking the same question: And lots of answers to browse through too.

    Thank you ElectricFeet you are always welcome.

    Yes, I did ask several days ago in the qTranslate forum, not any answer.

    Also, I made my research of-course, same results, old hacks or responses that lead to nothing.

    Any alternative to qTranslate??? I mean if auto-detection isn’t working for anybody, this plugin is useless. 🙁

    What about WPML?


    I think WPML is paid. I can’t remember if it plays ball with the Customizr front page.

    Seeing if Polylang is fully compatible with the Customizr front page is on my list of things to do. And the author has tried to make it so.

    Thinking further: If you set up a WP page called “Home/Inicio” and make that your Customizr front page, what happens? Does that fix it? My thinking says it should, but you may not be able to get the right combination of home/blog page to make it work.

    I mean, auto-detection doesn’t work… It’s beyond the (Home/Inicio) issue.

    It may be cookies, hacks, etc. But it’s a qTranslate deal.

    If auto-detection works I may do with it.

    What’s your opinion???

    Yes it does, if he uses a static front-page.
    Don’t know about autodetection, for sure isn’t a customizr problem..

    customizr seems to be fine, but in the other hand, qTranslate is the creator recommendation.

    So, I need something to autodetect the browser language and gets with it.

    No big deal, it just not working.

    To me it works if I use this option: Use Query Mode (?lang=en)
    Doesn’t work if I use other options, but I don’t use pretty permalinks.

    OK let me try that and I’ll you know.

    Nop, it doesn’t work… Same behaviour.

    Did you try what I suggested above?

    I did, this is my response:
    – Nop, it doesn’t work… Same behaviour. –

    Ah, OK, I thought you were responding to d4z_c0nf.

    Do something, try it for me, you may see the behaviour:


    What do you have in the menu item for home / inicio? That is, in Appearance > Menu? It should say something like:


    This is what I got:


Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 44 total)
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