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  • hi!
    is there someone already using a WP 3.9 beta together with qTranslate? It worked for me with a 3.9 alpha (changing the “supported version” in qtranslate, of course), but now the blog in my testing environment doesn’t seem to work anymore since a 3.9 beta installed itself. I get an error like:
    Object of class WP_Post could not be converted to string in .../blog/wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/qtranslate_core.php on lin e485

    Strangely, the line referenced is part of the date/time functions (qtrans_strftime):
    return $before.strftime($format, $date).$after;

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  • Tracey


    Hi folks,

    for those of you still struggling even after changing the plugin as described above : it might be useful to consider reverting to an older version of WP (3.8.3 worked for me) and switching off auto-updates to the WP core so that you can select to upgrade WP only when you know a proper version of Qtranslate is in place – this is what I had to do on my clients bilingual site.

    Here are the steps I took:

    1. Edited wp-config.php to say do NOT automatically update
    2. restored WP version 3.8.3, keeping the wp-config.php in place from the previous step
    3. told my client that under NO circumstances is she to update WP herself until I give her the go-ahead! 🙂

    Result = perfect!

    These 2 articles were very useful to me to do steps 1 & 2 :

    Stopping auto update

    reverting to old version of WordPress [ Please don’t use that link, use this one instead with 3.8.3 ]

    hope this helps some of you!!

    glad I could help.

    Note: as some mentioned already, the Visual editor will not work. qtranslate will work in the text editor, but as WP 3.9 introduces a new version of the visual editor (as lakilevi noted), this will require more changes in how qTranslate replaces that editor.

    same goes for the next WordPress (4.0): changing the version number in qtranslate will enable it in text editor mode, but will not make the visual editor work.

    @sgross: did you use your ftp program to make the changes, or did you use the plugin editor built into WordPress?
    I suggest you use the builtin editor, and you need to apply both changes.

    Anyone know when the update for qTranslate is ooming .. we’re in a mess without it.

    @whaus: thank you, I tried both at the same time, it all broke together; 2nd time I only deleted $begin and it broke, too. I used the internal editor. Now someone helps me to figure out how to get back to 3.8.3

    What’s the difference of using the internal editor and ftp, i thought this both has the same functionality?



    @sgross – I posted details of how to get back to 3.8.3 above – it’s important that you disable auto-updates first as otherwise each time you go back to WP 3.8.3 it will quickly update to 3.9 … good luck!

    I struggled 4 hours to correct the editor bug. Partially it was working, but the data was not saved in the end. They switched to a new major version of TinyMCE and I had just to give up.
    I rolled back to 3.8.3

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Side note:

    as otherwise each time you go back to WP 3.8.3 it will quickly update to 3.9

    I’m sorry but that is 100% not true. Auto-update only does minor version number updates. It will not update from 3.8.3 to 3.9. Never. 😉

    Now someone helps me to figure out how to get back to 3.8.3

    You can install WordPress 3.8.3 directly on top of 3.9. Use the manual update instructions and make sure you have a backup of the way it is now first.

    You can get the 3.8.3 files from the release archive page, scroll down to the bottom.



    @jan Dembowski
    As it happened to me 4 times, I think I can safely say that it happened 🙂 despite what is intended…

    Thank you all so much, and also @jan, thank you!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    Sorry and I’m not being obtuse (and only on 1 cup of coffee too 😉 ) but the only reason 3.8.3 would update to 3.9 is if that was enabled via a plugin or filter. Honest.

    If your installations did get automatically upgraded then give that link as well as the one you posted a read. Somewhere in your setup something enabled that filter.

    Maybe if we knew when the update was coming we wouldn’t be destroying our websites and spending inordinate amounts of time devising temporary fixes that are clearly not working effectively for us all. Anyone know when this is? Are we talking days, months years?

    I have successfully tested mqtranslate, a fork of qtranslate with final version of WP 3.9. It fixes the problems I had with the Visual Editor and WP 3.9

    That maybe an easier path to fix the qtranslate problems for those not willing to patch files.

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