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  • What license is the plugin released under?

    The plugin is GPL V2, the created codes are free for any use, even commercial use.

    Thank you. Might I suggest that this info should be on the plugin’s download page?

    Thanks for this plugin! I was wondering if anyone has a creative ways to incorporate a QR code into a brand logo? I plan to use these and brandable materials.

    We installed your “QR Generator 4 All” plugin in our wordpress. We try to use feature “Custom-QR-Code with your Logo”. We have error to upload the file and want to know whether we need to buy QR-Token in order to use this feature and whether all QR code produced on your company side. In the future, what we should do if your company no longer have this kind of bussiness. Thanks!

    I have updated the plugin. Looked like browsers have sometimes problems, when the content length wasn’t given.

    You can play around for free with the custom version. The generated Custom-QR-Code will have some x in the content insted of the entered data. That way you can test if it is still readable before you generate the final content with the paid token. For code generated with token you get an extra output and we send a copy via email to make sure you get it.

    You are right that our server is needed for the custom code genration. We are alread in buissness for over 15 years and don’t plan to stop. The generated custom codes are simple images and keep working even without our server.

    I updated to your new version and still have upload issue in IE for “Custom-QR-Code with your Logo”. see the error
    “Message: Object expected
    Line: 1
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: *****/TESTAPP/wp-content/plugins/qr-code-generator-4-all/upload.php”
    Since the Logo feature is important for our bussinese. We want to make sure this is work fine and whether need to buy QR-Token in order to use this feature. Thanks!

    Thanks for the information. Looks like uploads are executed in an iframe and Chrome/Firefox have no problems executing parent code. Changed the function to explizitly call it in the parent frame. Tested on IE/Chrome/Firefox/Opera and works.

    The best news – no update required. Fixed it server side πŸ™‚

    Thank you for your quick response. I try to upload in IE and there is no error message, but the image logo does not showed on QR code. It may show up, but just disappear quickly. Is there some request for images besides mentioned in help. We plan to put our logo in the center of QR, the logo will not change and just change the QR code for different URLs or other data. We also need to know whether we need the tocken in order to use this feature? We like your friendly interface. We want to produce many of QR code with the same logo. It looks like you have to upload the image logo each time when you porduce different QR code, is that right? Thank you for your help!

    Ok, checked it with Explorer 9 and it worked. Going back to version 8 showed a behaviour you described. Uploaded a fix that now works with older exporer versions as well (Version 1.0.7).

    You only need to upload the image once per session or if you want an other logo. You can try around as long as you want. The qr code then has some X characters where your normal text is. That way you can test for free if the logo/size combination is still scanable. If you are satisfied, enter a token and you get the same result without the “X”es below the normal qr code output, so you can safe it. We also send a copy to the email used when buying the token. An alternative is to buy a site token (meant for power user), so you get always the correct qr code (2500 generations / 12h, any update counts) and don’t need to enter a token at all.

    I test it. It works! we will buy the token. But it works fine even without token. We can use it without token, right? We are happy with your porduct. Thanks again!

    One more thing I found. After I upload image, it show in QR code center. When I try to save to my local, I get the following message.
    This is a test image with included errors.
    Is this because we do not use token? It looks like we must buy token in order to use this feature, is that right? Thank you!

    You are completely right. What you see is a preview with some error. That way you can use your handy to test, if the size/logo/data combination works. If the logo gets to large, the code gets unreadable, so it is always a good idea to test readability before. Also note that some scanners have problems with large data amounts. You can test this with the standard QR-Code. Once you are satisfied, you use your token for the final generation without errors.

    For token, what is different between QR-Site-Token and QR-Token? For our case, we use the same logo to produce thousands of QR code. So, we just need one time QR-Token, is that right?

    You need a token every time you change a part of the data and want a final code. So token are only good if you have a few codes to create. For power user the site token is the best choice. Once you insert the site token in the admin config, all custom-QR-Codes are correct and you don’t need a token any more. With a site token you have 2500 updates/12 hours. After that no codes are generated for the rest of the 12h period.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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