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  • Hello,

    I am facing the quotation issue, the posts in which I have made some quotations like the the paragraph between “Paragraph” after updating the theme it has so much blank space below when paragraph ends. But before update the theme it was all set and the quotation was just till the last word.

    Any help?



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  • Where is this occurring (link to the page)?


    See this link.

    Here you will see the text in quotation. When it was posted it was not leave free space after text when it is closed with “.

    But I have just checked it out and the theme is also up to date.

    I also do it again just quote only selected text but the quotation area leaves much space.

    Please suggest some helpful in this regard.



    Can’t see an obvious reason – but you have many HTML mark-up errors:

    It looks like you edited the header.php file and removed or changed the DOCTYPE – that causes problems.

    Some of those errors are not a big problem – but missing or extra or open or stray tags are often problematic.

    You might also want to deactivate your plugins to see if any are causing that problem.


    Many of the sites have the issue of html errors. But my site works fine by the way. Only this is problem i m facing. Yes I have edited the header.php file. So how to set this doctype error?



    Moderator Andrew Nevins


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    No need to resolve it if your site works fine.

    Replace the header.php file with a new copy from the theme – download a new copy to your local computer. Also, you should NOT be modifying any theme files – you will lose all your changes when the theme is updated. You should be using a Child Theme to make any modifications.

    And some of those errors (the span tags in particular )are not from the theme.

    Did you try deactivating your plugins?


    I have just made the modification into my parent theme. My problem is how to use child theme and made changes in it. So I could update parent theme without any loss.

    I do not remember the theme changes made in header/functions files. But now want to use Child theme with it. So anyone can helpful for me personally?



    You’d need to move all the changes you’ve made to the child theme. For .php files, you can simply put the modified version of the file in the child theme and then reinstall the parent theme. For CSS changes, you’d need to compare your changed file to the original and move only the changes to the new child theme CSS file. For functions, it’s a bit more complicated – you need to carefully read the Child Theme page linked above. If you need more personal help, you could consider hiring someone by posting a job here:

    Theme Author Sami Keijonen



    For original problem, put this in child theme style.css.

    blockquote {
    height: auto;
Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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