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    Dear Tribe Interactive,

    thank you for your amazing plugin!

    Could I gently make a few suggestions?


    In Short:

    In the caddy-public.css could you please rename .text-center and .text-left classes to .cc-text-center and .cc-text-left respectively.

    More Details:

    In the caddy-public.css file you are using the .text-center and .text-left classes that are probably taken as-is from the bootstrap. However, this produces a conflict with many themes that are using bootstrap.

    In a bootstrap you can specify alignment responsively. For example, an element can have text-center and text-lg-left class at the same time, so in this example for PC you would see element left aligned but for smaller screens, it becomes centered.

    Your inclusion of the same text-center class along with !important overrides bootstrap’s @media queries, so text-center becomes centered on all devices regardless if responsive classes such as text-lg-left are present or not.

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    2. Is it possible for you to include a few more action hooks in the cart screen?

    Would it be possible to include

    do_action( 'caddy_before_cart_screen_totals' );
    do_action( 'caddy_after_cart_screen_totals' ); 
    do_action( 'caddy_after_cart_screen_checkout_button' );

    Action hooks for a little bit more flexibility.

    Thank you for reading.

    Example: https://i.imgur.com/etugee9.png

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    Hello @maxshock,
    Thank you so much for your effective suggestions. We’ll include this in our next release!

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    Hello @usecaddy

    thank you very much for your correspondence and thank you for including this small additions to your already amazing plugin.

    All the best!

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    @maxshock thanks for your feedback!
    We’re glad you’re part of the Caddy family.

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