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  • My site works internally but not externally 🙁

    I have setup a domain name which points to my external IP which then forwards to my QNAP NAS. The QNAP NAS has virtual host setup which I have setup to point to the qweb\wordpress directory and the web server on the QNAP runs as standard on port 4545 so the setup is, WordPress address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) is also The problem is that I want to access the site through the external domain name i have setup and when I change the WordPress and Site address URL’s all I seem to do is break the site. In addition, when I do access the site externally I seem to get the site but not the theme that is setup with it.

    I’m sure that there is some setup process that I’m not following or setting that ive missed but being very green to this I dont quite know how to get it all to work.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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  • WordPress address (URL) and the Site Address (URL) is also

    This setup is never going to work for anyone who is not inside your LAN. That address space is reserved. It will never hit the WWW. If I clicked one of those links my browser would try to find the site on my LAN, and, of course, fail.

    To do this you need:

    1. A registered domain name
    2. That domain name is associated with your external IP, which is preferably static or you will perpetually have to reset things.
    3. You, or someone (your registrar maybe), has DNS servers to make the above work, and you have waited long enough for propagation to finish.
    4. Your routers are capable of handling this kind of setup and are configured correctly for the task.
    5. Your ISP isn’t blocking the ports you need

    I am not sure this is an exhaustive list. I toyed with a setup like this years ago but concluded that it really isn’t worth it. Unless you have a solid business class connection geared toward serving content instead of just consuming it, you can get comparable performance from a $10 USD per month host. Plus, what you are trying to do is probably in violation of your ISP’s terms of service. And I haven’t even gotten into the security implications.

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