QMT Drilldown display definition for all terms queried in specific taxonomy (1 post)

  1. 10sexyapples
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm using QMT Drilldowns in my sidebar and all is well there of course ;-) ...
    what I'm attempting to do is present a list of the terms currently being queried on the page as well. Right now I am using this:

    $qmtquery = qmt_get_query();
    if ( isset( $qmtquery['standard'] ) && !empty( $term_description ) ) {

    to determine if a term from a specific taxonomy "standard" is being queried and if it has a description and if so, showing various things about the term like its parents and of course its definition ... the issue is that I am not sure how to break up the $qmtquery variable in order to access each of the standards that could potentially be there and display the various info for each of them ... I can only access the first of course.

    I realize I need to do something with array keys and a foreach, but, I'm over my head ... help?

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