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    I’m getting the white screen – turned on debug and got this message:

    syntax error, unexpected info…//wp-content/advanced-cache.php on line 2

    here is the upper half of the file (not sure if line is starts from beginning or from beginning of code info)

    any help is MUCH appreciated.

    namespace quick_cache // Root namespace.
    if(!defined(‘WPINC’)) // MUST have WordPress.
    exit(‘Do NOT access this file directly: ‘.basename(__FILE__));

    * This file serves as a template for the Quick Cache plugin in WordPress.
    * The Quick Cache plugin will fill the %% replacement codes automatically.
    * e.g. this file becomes: /wp-content/advanced-cache.php.
    * Or, if you prefer; you can set the PHP constants below in your /wp-config.php file.
    * Then, you could simply drop this file into: /wp-content/advanced-cache.php on your own 🙂
    * ~ Be sure to setup a CRON job that clears your QUICK_CACHE_DIR periodically.

    * Quick Cache configuration constants.
    * —————————————————————————-
    * These work as boolean flags.
    if(!defined(‘QUICK_CACHE_ENABLE’)) define(‘QUICK_CACHE_ENABLE’, ‘1’);
    if(!defined(‘QUICK_CACHE_GET_REQUESTS’)) define(‘QUICK_CACHE_GET_REQUESTS’, ‘0’);
    if(!defined(‘QUICK_CACHE_FEEDS_ENABLE’)) define(‘QUICK_CACHE_FEEDS_ENABLE’, ‘0’);

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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