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  • I would like to rename the “Categories” in my siebar.
    Where and how can I do that?

    I don’t want anything else changed, except what it is shown as in the sidebar.
    I would rather call it “Index”. So not the categories themself should be renamed, but the titel they are under…
    I hope someone understands my gibberish 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Did you try to edit the sidebar.php of your theme? It is probably there…

    It depends on the theme. Try going into the theme editor and choose “Sidebar” (if it exists) from the list of files to edit. Find the following:

    <?php _e(‘categories’); ?>

    Change it to:

    <?php _e(‘Index’); ?>

    Or, see if it has:


    and change that to:


    This is why widgets can be your friend. It lets you change the title of each section in the sidebar, including Categories, without messing with your php files.

    I am using Widget which is why i can’t change it in sidebar.php

    but renaming the Category-widget does nothing to it…

    as you can see it still says Categories, althought i changed the title of the widget to “Index”…

    I just went to your site. It says ‘index’.

    Sometimes people forget to hit the save button on the widgets page. Did that happen in this case? And then you tried again later and it took? If you still see Categories, maybe you’re seeing a cached page. Do the appropriate browser refreshing in that case.

    there are MANY plugins available at :

    which will accomplish what you’re looking for an then some.

    dude its simple just go into your sidebar.php and change the wording there hit save.. screw plugins thats bullshit

    works now, thanks 🙂

    screw plugins? widgets make these sorts of changes easier for novice types. Without knowing anything about php, it’s easy to introduce errors when you edit a file, and not have a clue how it went wrong. If the theme is widget aware, it’s easy schmeazy.

    glad you’re sorted out omorchoe

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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