[Q] Function to list all the posts in one category and its children categories (1 post)

  1. CyanBlue
    Posted 8 years ago #

    I want to find is a function to create an index of the posts from one category, Cat1 for example, till its children categories...
    For example, I have this structure... The number after the category name(3 ~ 9) are the category id...

    Cat1 (3)
    -- Sub1 (5)
    -- Sub2 (6)
    Cat2 (4)
    -- Sub3 (7)
    -- Sub4 (8)
    -- Sub5 (9)

    If I really simplifies this, I'd like to find a way to mimick the behavior when you click on a category...
    I simply want to massage the data from the output, but I seem to be finding it real hard to find the right function to call...

    Appreciate your help... :)


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