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    Is it possible with this plugin to allow donor to select something like a “Maybe Later” or “Amount to Donate”, then allow a download of ebook to be presented? I don’t want to display a “$0” amount, but also allow guest to get download if they don’t want to donate right now, then next action after decision to donate, will be do donation, then get download link for ebook, or if “Maybe Later” give download link to ebook, but capture name and email?

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  • Plugin Contributor Ben Meredith


    Hey @mballew !

    That’s a great feature request! We do not currently support that, and have historically shied away from “pay later” in favor of generating the revenue immediately for your organization. You could use a form plugin or similar to collect those email addresses in the meantime.

    One related feature request we get every so often: Pledges. I’ve added your comment to an internal list related to that, but feel free to elaborate more there on how this feature would be useful to you.

    We really do listen to our users, and this is the type of thing that I’d love to see us build, after 3.0 launches.

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