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  • Initially thought this was an issue with Cloudflare caching or WP-Supercahe, but it turned out to be my PWA, as using chrome’s “bypass for network” option in devtools fixes the issue.

    Basically what happens is since a visitor first loads a page while logged out, the PWA will cache that logged out state (and oddly, even pages never visited sometimes give a logged-out state).

    This even happens to my admin user even though I’ve been logged in on this PC for weeks.

    The PWA should probably delete and recreate it’s cache when a user’s logged in, so it’s caching the logged in state from that point at least. For a workaround, is there a way I can clear the PWA cache upon login? It’s frustrating because I’m trying to add an ad-free option for my logged in Patreon users, but the PWA will cache pages with ads.

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  • Plugin Contributor o10n


    Hi sirtaptap,

    Thank you very much for the bug report!

    The PWA optimization extension of the ABTF plugin is a first version.

    We are currently developing a new PWA optimization plugin that will be better designed and it includes many new innovations, including HTML fragment streaming and a Web Worker for offloading Service Worker tasks to make the SW more efficient for navigation.

    We will investigate the issue and solve it in the new plugin.

    WordPress has been blocking plugin submission for over two weeks, but our new plugins are already available on Github.

    Once the PWA optimization plugin is ready, the ABTF plugin will be replaceable with the new plugins (a combination of optimization plugins that can be used together as one efficient plugin, or stand alone, e.g. just the PWA Optimization plugin).

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    Hope you get the new plugins all together and working soon then, this is fantastic plugin, can’t recommend it enough.

    By the way it seems like this bug is new to one of the most recent versions, as I don’t believe I ever had the wordpress admin bar not load (one of the symptoms of this issue) until a very recent update.

    Is there any simple function I can call to clear the abtf cache as a workaround?

    Thread Starter sirtaptap


    I understand totally, but can’t really help with that myself.

    I did change my site back to Network-first instead of cache-first and that seems to have majorly reduced the issue, so when you’re working on the PWA plugin again I’d look into that.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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