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  • I have some sites that shall only be visible to a special group (for example my family). How can in pretect these sites ? I have seen plugins with proction by login, but I want to
    distinguish these users from ordinary user who login to post comments.


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  • Usually the HowTo: tag is reserved for those explaining how to do something, not for asking questions. You probably won’t get any help unless you edit the title of this thread. 🙂

    i’m doing exactly this with the following plugin:

    Set your family users as subscribers and in the viewlevel options set
    Default View Level: 1.

    The Viewlevel has the restriction, that I can not have two different sets of users that can not be ordered in a hierarchy.

    For now this is enough, but as soon as I have another indipendend group, lets say my company coworkers it becomes difficult. They should not see the content for the family and vise versa. So the viewlevel approach fails in this case.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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