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[Resolved] Putting WP in /articles folder

  • I don’t know if this is possible…

    I would like my WordPress installation to be based out of http://mydomain/articles. This is easy, I just unzip to that folder.

    But I would also like some WordPress pages to be accessible from the root, eg.

    /articles -> main blog with pages, posts, etc.
    / -> goes to a static page
    /about -> goes to a static page

    Ideally, I want a few static pages outside /articles, and the rest of my blog inside; but is this possible?

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  • If you’d rather have “external” pages rather than use WordPress to maintain your About page, it is possible but harder. You have to duplicate your navigation. Eventually it will become a headache.

    If you haven’t upgraded yet, try 2.5.1 and look at the features for a static home page and blog page.

    Thanks, I’ll check it out (again). Can you explain a bit how I can use static home pages? I see that I can have a page or a few pages with links to each other; but how will I route the main blog to /articles?

    Can you explain a bit how I can use static home pages?

    What is there to explain? It is in your won admin panel under Settings > Reading: you select an existing Page as your frontpage and another one as your “posts page”. If your posts Page has the title “Articles” – you are good to go.

    I meant “blog page,” not home page; but anyhow, I think I’ve figured out how to do what I want … looks like it’ll be a case of trying to share navigation among static HTML and WordPress.

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