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  • Question, is there a way to take the side menu from my news blog, and place it on my main root pages or page side bar?

    Example I have a news page under my main root. Then I have the news (blog) folder, and all the wordpress files inside it.

    Even if I just had some code that would pull the
    Recent News widget (example below) and when the news blog is updated the code updates the information just like it does in the side menu on the wordpress pages.

    * The Monkey’s Fist – By Pan
    * World News April 11, 2009
    * World News April 10, 2009
    * World News April 9, 2009.
    * World News April 8th, 2009

    Thanks, Ronnie.

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  • do you mean you just want to display side menu only where you want it to appear?

    Yes and no. I would like to display on the (resent posting widget) on another page of my sit out side the wordpress folder. Posting the side menu will do, but if I can get some type of code just to pull the (resent posting) that would be better. I searched through the code to see if I can change it and use it on another page in the same root site.

    If I can do both that would be great, display the side menu out side the folder on the same website, and just post the resent postings text on a page outside the folder.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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