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  • Hello. I’m inegrating a cu3er slideshow on my site using the cu3er plugin.

    I put

    <?php if ( function_exists('install_cu3er') ) { install_cu3er(); } ?>

    In my index.php. It works fine but when I validate I get 1 error.

    Line 77, Column 23: document type does not allow element “style” here
    <style type=”text/css”>
    The element named above was found in a context where it is not allowed. This could mean that you have incorrectly nested elements — such as a “style” element in the “body” section instead of inside “head” — or two elements that overlap (which is not allowed).

    One common cause for this error is the use of XHTML syntax in HTML documents. Due to HTML’s rules of implicitly closed elements, this error can create cascading effects. For instance, using XHTML’s “self-closing” tags for “meta” and “link” in the “head” section of a HTML document may cause the parser to infer the end of the “head” section and the beginning of the “body” section (where “link” and “meta” are not allowed; hence the reported error).

    Is there a way to putt the cu3er php in the body without the validation error?

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  • Yes…

    I added the <style> to my header and deleted the part of the code that inserted in into the page.

    Open the cu3er_post_elements.php file and search for the following line of code. It should be around line 73 – 77

    <style type=”text/css”>
    #cu3er-container {width:<?php echo $cu3erWidth; ?>px; outline:0;}

    Cut it out and place it in your header file before the </head> tag.

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