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  • Hi, a simple question…

    is there a step-by-step guide which will tell me how to insert images (jpg) into posts (from the admin/write post area or write page) as I can’t find anything in the documentation 🙁

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  • I hadn’t found that.

    I’ve now read it but I still can’t get images onto my post.

    under section 10 (as my images are already up on the site)>

    1. Send to Editor takes those options you selected and then inserts the image into the editor window wherever the cursor was.

    Nothing seems to happen when I click “Send to editor”

    2. Delete will remove the file from the server entirely.
    3. Close Options closes the little popup menu. Unlike most popup menus it will NOT go away by itself, so click this when you’re done inserting the image.

    I don’t have this “Close options” !

    Help 🙁


    The uploads section relies on javascript to insert the image code into your post content box. Please make sure that javascript is turned on in your browser before you continue.

    Here are the steps that I use to add an image to a post once it has been uploaded to the browser. Note-I am using the plain text editor and I suggest that you do to:

    1. Put the cursor in the place in the post content text box where you want the image to appear.
    2. scroll down to the uploads box right below the “Save an Continue Editing” button
    3. In the blue bar at the top of the box, click either the “Browse” or “Browse All” link. This will pull up the files that you have uploaded through WordPress.
    4. Click on the image that you want to display in your post body. Now you should see a thumbnail version of the image and if you scroll down in the uploads box you will see two sets of radio buttons: one titled “Show” and the other titled “Link to
    5. I usually choose “Fullsize” and “Link to none”. Feel free to choose whatever you want.
    6. Click “Send to Editor“. This will write the propper code to display your image in the post content box where you left your cursor at the beginning.

    This is why you are not seeing the popup menu’s “Close Options”:

    Note for version 2.1.x

    In this version and newer there is no “popup menu” anymore. Clicking on the images will display a list with radio button options similar to those described above.

    Thanks for all that.

    Um… it would appear that my problem is actually Firefox (and Netscape) as all things function OK with IE6 ! In fact, I see all the formatting options etc for composing posts only in IE6.

    I’ll need to figure out what I can tweak in these browsers.

    Thanks again,


    Try this for firefox:

    Tools >> Options >> Content
    Make sure that “Enable Javascript” is checked. Click OK.

    Thanks again,

    Tried that, restarted Firefox, still no luck 🙁



    Hi – having the same problem. I have two images uploaded into wp-content > uploads 2008 > 03. All these folders have 777 access.

    I try writing a post from within the Admin console > Write.

    In the visual editor I then select the ‘Send to editor’ button – but didly squat happens. Nothing in the visual editor & nothing if I view the code generated.

    I can however place links manually into the post.

    Any ideas? I have checked that Javascript is enabled – and I am having the same problem with both Firefox & Safari browsers.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ok – knew I wasn’t going mad. Just tried a fresh install of wp in a new sub-directory of my site.

    Then I tried posting images using the new admin interface – works each time.

    So something has gone screwy on my original site. Any ideas – pretty please? If not, I am going to back up my original database, trash my site, re-install wp & re-import my SQL database. And hope that fixes it.

    So just tried the re-create & import my old database. The issue is my old database it would appear. Basically all works fine (including another issue I am having – not being able to log-in using Internet Explorer) until I import my old database.

    So something in the database is stopping me posting images & logging in with IE.

    Does anyone have a clue what this could be?

    I’m having the same problem with inserting images into posts. Sometimes it works, other times the image selection screen just locks up.

    Have placed the link-template.php file into the includes directory, but nothing.

    I am very glad this is happening with a new site and not one of my existing ones – that would be annoying.

    As it is, I’m going to hold off from upgrading my other sites to 2.5 until it works as it should.

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