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    i have seen many, many threads on this issue but none seem to word the question correctly i suppose. I have a script that is no way shape or form part of wordpress. it is its own file to do a specific job. all i want to do is display the default (as i am using the default theme for my blog) header image and full funcionality, the sidebar with full funcionality, and footer as well, i do not want posts or comments. the script is so complex that it would have to loaded using the url to its own file in the browser or by link “http://exampledomain/path/to/script.php”, i am trying to display all of that inside the script.php so when the link is clicked it will take me to script.php, and still look like my blog and still function like my blog. thats all i want, i know i made this long, but it’s more specific than anyone elses that ive seen basicly wanting the same thing they just dont know how to word it, and quite frankly neither do i.

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    Cathy Tibbles


    Am I understanding this correctly: you have a script you’d like to run… and you want the wp engine to display navigation and sidebars to what? Is there blog entries or data to be stored?

    It sounds like you want the wp templates, but not the data – does that make sense??

    makes perfect sense to me, that seems to be what im looking for, but when i use the “template page”‘s code then i get a bunch of weird errors. i want to put the code into the script.php page. The only thing that will show up correctly would be my payperpost thing because its the only thing that doesnt use wordpress code in the sidebar

    wow thanks to your nearly invisible link, i managed to get it integrated, i searched and searched for a certain small peice of code, all i was looking for i guess was a few small lines that makes it all possible to use wordpress

    define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

    that did what i was wanting it to do, thank you a million times over and over. now all i have to do is work on positioning the script to a more natural look, i THINK i might be able to handle that task though.

    im going to mark this resolved as this has solved my issues. once again thanks a billion kafkaesqui.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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