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  • Howdy. I am trying to find a theme with three columns that allows me to put smaller stories as a headline and first paragraph in one of the secondary columns.

    Kind of like a newspaper that has the main stories taking up the bulk of the page and smaller stories in a narrow column on the side.

    Every three column template i’ve seen just puts things like the archive and blog roll in one column and the ‘about’ section or a calendar or something in the other secondary column.

    I’m a total n00b and know nothing about css to rewrite templates. Does anyone know of something like this? Thanks for any help

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  • Use the “Sideblog” plugin. With it, you can post whatever you like using the “Sideblog” category and it will show up in the sidebar.

    Awesome! A nice prefab solution 🙂 Thanks a lot Jabbok!!

    Hmmm, actually it’s not what I’m looking for. This plugin posts anything in the asides category in the selected column, as is.

    I want to post articles as asides in summary form, with the title of the article being hyperlinked to showing the full article. Or even a hyperlinked title and 1-2 line description underneath, separate from the article.

    Do you know a plugin or way of doing that? Thanks

    no one?

    I think you can archived that with default RSS widget (custom category or tag feed from your blog). just my 2 cents

    Either RSS widget as @chaoskaizer suggested
    or a new post loop with excerpt RSS/content RSS running.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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