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  • Hi, I am brand new to WordPress. I currently have a web site up and running (hosted by godaddy). I want to add a blog to it. Is it advisable that I do the entire web site with WordPress or can I keep my existing web site and just add a blog separately? If I do it separately, how do I set that up so that my existing web pages aren’t changed at all?


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    it advisable that I do the entire web site with WordPress or can I keep my existing web site and just add a blog separately?

    It all depends. How many pages have you got in your existing website and is it html or asp or php? Does it have Google ranking and those special sectioned links already?
    – You can keep your existing website and just create a new folder in your root and upload the WP install there. Then you just add “Blog” link in your main website’s navigation so visitors can access your blog. You can also create a WordPress theme based on the look of your existing site.
    – You can also convert your existing site into WordPress, so adding a blog will be a breeze. Like I said, it all depends.

    one note about godaddy
    wordpress will not work well on their windows servers
    you will need to switch to linux unless you are running .asp files or similar and can’t do that
    a switch to linux won’t affect anything else and is more efficient at godaddy

    another option is to keep your existing site, and create the subdomain and have it point to the folder with your wordpress installation in it.

    Thanks for all the input. Since my current web site is so small, it sounds like it might be best for me just to switch it all over to using WordPress. I’m fine with that as it’s pretty dated looking and needs a good update.

    Samboll (or anyone else who wants to jump in here!), what do you mean when you say “switch to linux?” In other words, How do I do that if I want to stay with godaddy? I’m not super-technical (as if you hadn’t already figured that out!), so I’m not sure how I go about doing that. Could you point me in the right direction?


    log in at godaddy
    go to hosting account
    in right sidebar (look hard) is the option to switch operating systems
    should say if you’re on windows or linux
    if on windows just click the link and verify
    godaddy will do this for free

    Wow, that’s so simple! And then I just download wordpress to my PC, build my site, and upload it?

    You guys rock! Thanks. 🙂

    Oh, and I should have added that I’m assuming it doesn’t make a difference that my PC is Windows based, correct?

    And then I just download wordpress to my PC, build my site, and upload it?

    not exactly
    unzip on your desktop and upload to host
    a little review:

    Oh, and I should have added that I’m assuming it doesn’t make a difference that my PC is Windows based, correct?

    makes not a bit of difference

    Fantastic, those instructions are very clear.

    One final question and I promise to go away! Once I upload this does that overwrite the web pages that I already have up there? Or is it a program that allows me to make changes to it but not “publish” it until I’m ready to do so? Thanks again–you’ve been so helpful!

    Ok by the above question I assume you want WordPress to run your site but don’t want to go “live” until ready.
    Here is what I would do.
    Install wordpress in a folder like /test – accessible like
    Get everything as you like it with wordpress
    When ready, simply move it to the root of your site.

    feel free to ask as many questions as you like – I don’t get paid more or less either way. :>)

    Brilliant! If you get paid more by the brilliance of your answers, you should be able to retire shortly ;-).

    Many thanks!

    Thanks for this blog. it is great and has sorted out most of the issues that I had in my mind.

    I would like to make sure that I am heading off on a path that is not a waste of time and hope that someone may be able to give me some feedback.

    I currently have a website that is hosted by “someone”. I am a little uncertain as I paid for someone to develop a website and it included 2 years hosting but it seems that it is may be being hosted by Site5.

    I want to develop a WordPress website to ultimately replace the existing one but want to keep the old site in place until the new site is good enough to substitute.

    What I have done so far is install WP on my computer and an running it as a local host but I want to make sure that the work that I am doing can be “transferred” to take the place of the existing website.

    The other issue is that I will ultimately transfer the hosting of the existing site from where it is to something like Hostgator which I am using for a number of other wordpress sites.

    Is my logic OK? Am i doing it the right way?

    Hope this makes sense!

    Hi, this is a question for Samboll . . .

    It’s regarding your response saying to install WP into a directory like /test — get the site the way you want it — then move it to your root. I currently (also) have a website up and running — has been for a couple of years now — it’s for a bed and breakfast. In December I installed WP (letting it install into the /blog subdirectory) and created a blog for our B&B within our domain.

    NOW, I find that I really like WP and am also using the new Builder theme from which allows for some really nice customizations even if you aren’t super-techie inclined. So NOWWWWW I’m toying with the idea of totally re-doing and updating our website and doing solely in WP. So, (and sorry for so many words) I guess my question is . . . can I just continue to create the remainder of my new and improved website within the /blog WP installation and just not have those pages visible from the navigation menu? Then, once I get it ready to launch, do like you recommended and move all the files to the root?

    There is part of me that is a little nervous about the whole endeavor, but I still think I’d like to try it. OH! Another BIG question — my current website — when you view a page has .html at the end of the URL for the page name file extension. I’ve not seen this appear in any WP pages and I’m wondering — once I move everything over — how will it affect any users/visitors to our website who may have bookmarked a page?

    Again, sorry for all the words, but I would appreciate your comments/suggestions. Thanks a bunch.

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